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CITES CoP18 Fact Sheets

RHINO_FactSheet_Final (002).jpg


Reports produced under the GSRI Strategy are available for download (just click the image). 

A Practical Guide tot he Effective Design and Management of MPAs for Sharks and Rays (2019) 

Rapid Assessment Toolkit for Sharks and Rays (2019) 

Sharks Ahead: Realising the Potential of the Convention of Migratory Species to Conserve Elasmobranchs (2018)

Global Priorities for Conserving Sharks and Rays (2015)

Press Releases:


December 13, Monaco 

New Report Shows Most Countries are Falling Short on Commitments to Protect Sharks and Rays: Conservationists Highlight Shortcomings at Convention on Migratory Species Shark Meetings 

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